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The long period of silence

We are very sorry for the long period of silence. We have used that time well to focus solely on development. We can now finally present what we have been working on behind the curtains for the past two months: Space Combat!

We can finally present ...

We can now finally present what we have been working on behind the curtains for the past two months: Space Combat!

Space Combat

After finishing our playable prototype of an earlier iteration of Space Combat, we came to the conclusion that it lacked the “fun” factor. Instead of releasing a playable, but unfun version of the game, we decided to rework the aspects that were not satisfactory and make improvements.

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We are featured in major online media outlets like Engadget.com, IGN.com, Polygon.com, Gamepedia.com, PCGamer.com

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Tips and tricks for video games

Part of our design process has been to seek inspiration from the community. The feedback all of you have provided over the last number of updates has proven invaluable to the Space Combat Team.

Some of you suggested a real-time with pause function rather than the turn-based approach we had initially outlined.

We’ve taken that feedback on board and gone a step further by making the pause function an active feature of gameplay.

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Here at Mandategame.com, we have a collection of hacks for most of the popular shooters, as well as games from other genres out there. Our hacks are something that can help you rise above the rest no matter the game and get you those easy wins that every single player so deeply craves. We provide easy access to hacks that are specifically designed for a game and can make you into an invincible killing machine who cannot be stopped.

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For games like DayZ, Deadside, and others of the sort, we provide high quality radar hacks which will allow you to see any and everything around you.

These radars function like they would in a single player game, showing you your location at the center along with the location of any enemies hanging around the corner, meaning that you’ll be prepared for an ambush if the enemy has one planned.

Our radar hack performs a somewhat similar task to that of a wallhack and an ESP, as it is mainly about telling you about the location of enemies, however what it does not do, is show the enemies directly through the wall. Instead it has its own separate perks.

Why Our Aimbots are the Ones You Should Trust

The Aimbot is probably the most common and most fun hack to use in pretty much any game. What an Aimbot does is help you aim towards enemies using the simple click of a button, and all you have to do after that is fire. Aimbots make getting kills much easier than they are, letting you cut through groups of multiple players in any game as a knife would cut through butter.

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As already mentioned, we have multiple different hacks specifically designed to be applied on one specific game. Our hacks make you unstoppable and can take you from getting gunned down by hackers yourself to being the one that kills them all.

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