Kickstarter Update #40

For this update we are going to talk about our adaptive character system and what exactly it allows us to do. First of all it allows you to customize the visuals of your captain as part of the character prologue. The same system is used to generate the visuals for all the NPCs you will encounter during your travels in The Mandate. You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>

Kickstarter Update #39

For today’s update we will cover three topics in particular. First we will discuss some changes we are doing to service branches based on both internal and external feedback. Secondly, we will discuss our event system and also elaborate on ceremony events as well as where they take place. Lastly we will discuss the progress with ship interiors and show a sneak peek of what we have in store for the next update. You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>

Kickstarter Update #38

Time for another update! Today we are following up on a previous update about ship consoles. We will be discussing the various types of rooms aboard a ship, deck plans as well as something called service branches. Why are service branches important? How do they affect crew progression and impact The Mandate from a visual and gameplay perspective? You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>

Kickstarter Update #37

On the menu today we have a funding and mod support update as well as details on the community design process. We will also briefly cover the connection between rooms, the crew and the bridge. Finally, we have a new faction reveal today which may affect your loyalties. We also got some coverage from Curse Gaming's Gamepedia - feel free to check out their article.
You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>


In this update on Kickstarter, we will cover the launch of our new community site and to celebrate it, we're also releasing a new video featuring the Battle Orchestrator, released on Eurogamer earlier today. You can check out the article and full video HERE >>

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