Producer's Letter #2

Community Update

Hi guys,

about two weeks ago was Gamescom and it was super nice meeting some of you. Unfortunately, I was still busy during the afternoon but I really want to thank Mr. Seeker for his commitment and his engagement in the community – he took the time to meet Josef and Iain at Gamescom. In the evening we had a nice dinner with some more members, which we really enjoyed (despite some hard questions). Thank you for coming and thank you for the good conversations :)

Community Drop: Game Vision

Community Update

Hello all!

In the last update, we promised that we would share our plans for Early Access and the vision for the game with you. If you already saw that update, you’ll know that we talked about some changes in the scope of the game and a new focus for the initial release. We’ve had to take some tough decisions and we’ve taken a hard look at what we pitched, what you wanted and what we can deliver.

Developer Spotlight - IainC

Developer Update

 Hello everyone! My nam is Iain and I’m the Design Director for The Mandate. I joined the project back in May - you might remember that Michael mentioned some new people in his last producer’s letter - and I’m very excited to help bring this fantastic universe to life.  

Design Director IainC

Kickstarter Update #55

Hi backers,
Time for another update.Today we will provide a production update, covering many different areas of the game production and also discuss the IFTL (Interstellar Free Trade League) and the role this faction plays in The Mandate. You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>

Kickstarter Update #54

Hi backers,
For this update we will demonstrate the process for generating deck plans and away missions. We also recently finished an important milestone and will cover the main points from it. The update also includes a selection of Arkwright ships since we recently did a polish pass on their textures. You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>


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