Update #67

Dear backers,

In March we went through difficult times, the team size was reduced to only a core team since January, as consequence of the still ongoing negotiations with our publisher about the remaining funding. We have been working on securing more fundings since the end of 2016. It is still a work in progress and we will follow up with you in upcoming developer's updates when we have managed to close a deal.

Despite having a smaller team, we have focused our efforts on improving the space combat.

Update #66

Greetings everyone,

YES - signs of life were detected.

Perihelion Interactive wishes you a belated happy 2017 and the strength to make your New Year's resolutions come true!


We are very sorry for the long period of silence. We have used that time well to focus solely on development. We can now finally present what we have been working on behind the curtains for the past two months: Space Combat!
After finishing our playable prototype of an earlier iteration of Space Combat, we came to the conclusion that it lacked the “fun” factor. Instead of releasing a playable, but unfun version of the game, we decided to rework the aspects that were not satisfactory and make improvements.

Part of our design process has been to seek inspiration from the community. The feedback all of you have provided over the last number of updates has proven invaluable to the Space Combat Team. Some of you suggested a real-time with pause function rather than the turn-based approach we had initially outlined. We’ve taken that feedback on board and gone a step further by making the pause function an active feature of gameplay.

The Mandate: Dev Talk


We had Amelie (User Experience Researcher and Writer) and Greg (3D Environment Artist) sit down to talk about The Mandate! They're going to tell you about how the art and the story influence each other in creating the universe of The Mandate! They also give a sneak peak at some of the newest features that the team has been working on.



Producer's Letter #2

Community Update

Hi guys,

about two weeks ago was Gamescom and it was super nice meeting some of you. Unfortunately, I was still busy during the afternoon but I really want to thank Mr. Seeker for his commitment and his engagement in the community – he took the time to meet Josef and Iain at Gamescom. In the evening we had a nice dinner with some more members, which we really enjoyed (despite some hard questions). Thank you for coming and thank you for the good conversations :)

Community Drop: Game Vision

Community Update

Hello all!

In the last update, we promised that we would share our plans for Early Access and the vision for the game with you. If you already saw that update, you’ll know that we talked about some changes in the scope of the game and a new focus for the initial release. We’ve had to take some tough decisions and we’ve taken a hard look at what we pitched, what you wanted and what we can deliver.

Developer Spotlight - IainC

Developer Update

 Hello everyone! My nam is Iain and I’m the Design Director for The Mandate. I joined the project back in May - you might remember that Michael mentioned some new people in his last producer’s letter - and I’m very excited to help bring this fantastic universe to life.  

Design Director IainC

Kickstarter Update #55

Hi backers,
Time for another update.Today we will provide a production update, covering many different areas of the game production and also discuss the IFTL (Interstellar Free Trade League) and the role this faction plays in The Mandate. You can check out the kickstarter update HERE >>


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