Throwing in the towel

Dear Fellow Forum Members,

After the last develoment I now believe that the mandate is no more. Since the combat video had so much negative feedback, it was only natural that they had no more real viable game engines to throw at us.

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The reason why the project failed is clear to all of us. It promised a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Great storyline, Sandbox gaming, co-op, and cutting edge technology which could support naval and crew combat at the sane time.

The reason that I am writting is to bit you all farewell, it case I don’t get to do it in the near future. I personally will continiously to check the site until it closes, hoping for a miracle.

I have been following the mandate for 3 or 4 years now and it felt great to finally support a kind of a game that hasn’t been released yet but I always wanted to play.

This is Spyridon D. Giannoutsos logging off from Greece!

PS: I am still not abandoning the bridge of my ship! It’s just that… the lasers are cutting through the plating armor and I can hear the familiar sound of lost pressure in the command center. And don’t forget a tear in the hull and we are all gone.