Dear backers

In March we went through difficult times, the team size was reduced to only a core team since January, as consequence of the still ongoing negotiations with our publisher about the remaining funding. We have been working on securing more fundings since the end of 2016. It is still a work in progress and we will follow up with you in upcoming developer’s updates when we have managed to close a deal.

Despite having a smaller team, we have focused our efforts on improving the space combat.

Within this context we would like to invite you to answer this survey:

so we can collect more feedback from your side for our next iterations of space combat. The other aspects of the game will remain in our vision for the MandateGame. Because of team size constraints, we can only tackle one big chunk at a time. Crew and missions aspects of the game had to be put on hold temporarily, but once space combat is more advanced, resources will be reallocated to work on these aspects of the game.

We currently have several hypothesis for the timeline and depending on the fundings we will refine our roadmap which will be shared with the whole community including the milestones for playtests, alpha and beta versions.

We aim to have a regular update every month. Please remember to direct your comments to the forums instead of the Kickstarter page as this is where we can best get back to you. Part of our next update we will do an open questions/answers session. You will be also able to see the progress in the space combat.

We are very grateful for the core community being still supportive for such long time.

The Mandate dev team