DayZ Hacks and Cheats

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned survival game. Who would have thought that a mere mod designed for ARMA 2 would end up becoming a standalone game? However, this is what happened and we are thankful for the action-packed game that we thoroughly enjoy.

About the game, DayZ is a multiplayer survival game that you can either play from a first-person or third-person perspective. The game is set in the post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, a fictional country completely damaged by a plague. Moreover, the infection in question has turned most of the country’s native into blood-thirsty “infected”.

This is where you, a sane member of the population, come in. Your goal is to survive by all means necessary by killing the infected, looking for food, water, medicines, and weapons.

But hold on… there are other players too that you can either trust, kill, or simply avoid. In short, there is a lot going on at the same time and to comprehend it is your challenge.

What is the Reason behind DAYZ Cheats’ Popularity?

In case you are unaware, DayZ Standalone hacks are actually a big deal. The game basically throws everything at us. From worrying about finding resources to survive to killing the infected and spoiling the plans of other players, there’s too much to handle at a given time.

This is why many players simplify and enhance their gameplay by using hacks. Just like other video games, hacks can prove to be quite helpful when incorporated in DayZ as well. From helping players in finding the right weapons to allowing them to take down the infected instantly, hacks possess the potential to change the entire landscape of a game.

So, it’s not even about “should hacks be used”, it’s all about “how hacks should be incorporated into a game and used smartly”. The gaming community has surely evolved. 

Why should you Use DayZ Hacks?

Moving on to the question you are interested in finding the answer to. Granted that gaming cheats are beneficial to the game in more than one way. However, that isn’t the only reason why you should consider using these.

Just imagine that you have all the resources necessary to survive the outbreak, profound knowledge of the map, and the people you can call “friends” who you can count on to get through the game. Now, what if a player emerges out of the blue and ends your journey within a matter of seconds? It would sting, right?

So, just to ensure a smooth gaming experience and that there is a solution to every problem, we recommend our top-of-the-line DayZ hacks. Every single cheat that you come across on our website is packed with amazing functions that will allow you to steal the show every time you show up.

It can’t get any better than this. So, give us a chance and see your performance improve!

Is our DayZ Aimbot any Good?

Shooter and survival games without aimbots are just as interesting as watching paint dry. Where’s the thrill in missing shots time and again?

So, to help you land a picture-perfect shot on your first try, we recommend our premium DayZ Aimbot. DayZ requires you to plan your next move before you haven’t even completed your current one. In such a fast-paced environment, a well-crafted aimbot can do wonders for your gameplay.

You can actually expect quite a lot from MandateGame’s DayZ aimbot. Smooth and Accurate Aiming? Check! Critical Distance Checks? Check! Auto-fire and auto-switch? You got it! And most importantly, once you lock onto a target and press the trigger, our aimbot will also ensure an instant kill.

In a world run by the infected, be more ruthless than the brainless. Allow our aimbot to help your player become an ice-cold shooter, someone with whom others wouldn’t dare to mess.

Why is our DayZ ESP/Wallhack a Must-Have Hack?

Once you get the shooting department taken care of, it’s time you turn your attention to bigger things. By bigger things, we mean the strategic aspect of DayZ. After all, it’s not only about racking up kills, even though it is the most fun part of any shooter game.

So, you should be aware that in order to progress in the game, you will need certain resources that will keep you alive (food, water, medicines, etc.). Also, you will need a good amount of weapons to keep the threats as far away as possible. To find these resources, our wallhack comes in handy. Now, you can look through boxes, walls, and other solid surfaces to find valuable items and be aware of enemies in the hiding.

Also, our exceptional DayZ ESP will give you access to a number of useful details such as Player Names and Health ESP, along with Weapons’ ESP. 

Importance of Removals and Warnings in DayZ

Please follow our advice and don’t be that player who has everything in control up until the very moment when their weapon’s recoil causes them to lose balance and fall prey to the attack of an infected or a fellow player.

You don’t even have to be dealing with recoil in the first place. So, get our Removal DayZ Cheats and get rid of performance-hindering elements like recoil, fog, smoke, and even spread!

Also, it’s really important for you to have eyes on the back of your head too. You can enjoy being a skilled shooter, but what if someone has their sights set on you? Well, we even have a solution for that in the name of our ultra-special Warning hacks! Get a signal when anyone is aiming their weapon at you or is planning on invading your location.

Undetected DayZ Standalone Hacks

A “safe” gaming experience isn’t only about you having an edge over other competitors. Safety is when you know that no bats an eye on you for using DayZ hacks. And this is the level of safety we strive to offer.

MandateGame has taken it upon itself to ensure the reliability and safety of every single hack that exists on its platform. With an effective anti-cheat protocol coupled with video-proof and spectator protection, stay under the radar at all times.

When there’s no risk of getting your account banned due to using undetected DayZ hacks, that’s when you can play freely and make the most of your gaming time.

Why MandateGame?

There are numerous vendors in the market selling DayZ hacks, so why should you opt for MandateGame? We will answer that by saying that although there is no shortage of vendors, rarely you will find one which offers affordability and ensures safety without compromising on the quality.

Not only do we walk you through the process of buying, downloading, and installing hacks, but we also take pleasure in sorting out all your queries and concerns whenever you require our assistance.

Moreover, we strive to be your one-stop destination for all-things game hacks. We do not limit ourselves by only putting out trendy cheats, but we conduct an in-depth study of a particular game to find out which areas could use the power of hacks to become more entertaining to play. So, expect our inventory to only grow as time passes by.

We also keep you aware of the status of your hacks at all times.