The team

We are an international team: Canada, USA, Sweden, Norway, UK, France, Slovakia.

We are a team of veteran developers who decided to go Indie together and come from different game developers each with their own strengths [ex-EA, ex-2K Games, ex-Ubisoft, ex-Funcom]. Previously we have worked on and shipped both singleplayer, multiplayer and MMO AAA productions with team size ranging from 30 to 200

Some of the titles we have worked on and shipped include: Assassin's Creed 1&2, Mafia 2, Alan Wake, FarCry 2&3, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures,Call of Duty 3, Splinter Cell, Planet of the Apes, Saga of Ryzom, FIFA ONLINE, FarCry Evolution, Rainbow 6 Vegas, The Secret World and more.

We are big fans of sci-fi, be it video games or series like Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Babylon 5 or Firefly. We are CRPG players and some of our favourites are Fallout, Baldur's Gate, The Witcher, Gothic, but we also remember classics like Ultima 7 or Microprose's Darklands. We are strategy players and have fond memories of the original X-Com, Carrier Command, Jagged Alliance and more! We love pen & paper tabletop: D&D, Pathfinder, Deathwatch, Traveller, Shadow Run and more! And also we are board game geeks: Warhammer, Warmachines.

We plan on taking all our inspirations, hobbies and diverse development experiences to ensure we deliver a game you will want to play for many hours both alone in dark space and together with your captain friends.

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