Once, you were a captain in the Grand Fleet. Court martialed and found in violation of the sacred Articles of War, you spent the next years in prison. Now, in a desperate gamble, the Empress has entrusted you with a ship and sent you out to defeat the rebels and restore the Mandate.
>> The Backstory
>> The history of The Mandate
>> The last 100 years

The Articles of War

'The Articles of War' is originally a historical document from 1757 which was in use by the British Royal Navy. It served as the law that was practised upon any ship in the British Royal Navy. For the Mandate we have taken this historical document and updated it to work within the context of our game...
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The Factions

The various colony ships depart in different directions. The crews sleep in the cryo-vaults, watched over by robots. Contact with Earth is lost as the Fifth Water War goes nuclear. One particular colony ship, the Romanov, was built by Russian oligarchs...
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Here you can read more about some of the main characters in The Mandate, including the Empress Anastasia Romanova and Lord High Admiral Suvarov.
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