Family background: Imperial Family, Poor Peasant, Romanov Loyalist
Colony Ship: The Romanov
Capital World: Novy Petersburg
Quote: The burden of the Mandate is ours to bear.
Art inspiration: Tsarist Russia

Brief Overview: As the original founders of the Mandate, the Romanovs believe they have a special destiny to guide humanity safely through the tumultuous present and on to a brighter future. All the Imperators of the Mandate so far have come from the House of Romanov, but they see this as a hereditary sacrifice on behalf of humanity, not a stranglehold on the reins of power.

History: The Romanovs were the first to discover the secret of Gate travel. They made contact with the other great powers — the Europans, the Arkwrights, and the Black Eagles — as well as other, lesser colonies. They generously shared Gate technology with the other colonies. This proved to be a disastrous error, as the uncontrolled expansion of humanity resulted in the horrors of the First Interstellar War and the Pandoran Plague. The Romanovs were forced to take back control of the Gate network. Aided by their loyal Black Eagle allies, and later bolstered by the support of the Europans, they fought the War of Unification  against the Arkwrights and minor powers and forged the Mandate for the greater good.

Since then the Romanovs and the Mandate have been inextricably linked. Their fates are bound together. If the Mandate falls, so too does the ancient House  of the Romanovs.

Politics: Romanov politics is notoriously bloody, as different dukes spar for position and intrigue against one another. A strong Imperator can keep the vassals in line, but the late Imperator Nikolai was seen as weak, unable to either restrain the other powers of the Mandate or to appease the Separatist colonies, which gave rise to the Rebellion. As the Rebels close on the Romanov sphere, the new Imperator must decide whether to continue with her father’s attempts to end the conflict, or rally her dukes and take the fight to the Rebels.

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