Meeting ambition

There was a time when gaming wasn’t about running through a corridor, firing off rounds into hordes of enemies. There are hundreds of mechanically magnificent titles out there on PC, and hundreds of teams equipped to make them. The only reason they’ve declined is that they don’t sell as well as something you’d find on the consoles. We want to change that, and we have the knowledge to do so.

The Mandate is an ambitious title, but we are tackling each of the core elements with equal attention. By making each gear in the mechanism function correctly and optimally, our end result will be something mechanically interesting, with a lot of depth.

We’ve taken inspiration from some of the finest strategy and RPG titles from past and present; working iteratively with their ideas and concepts. These are ideas that have worked in the past, but unfortunately declined with the changing PC gaming demographic. We know you’re out there, and we’re bringing them back. With tried and tested game mechanics, and some completely original ones, all it takes is the knowledge to bring them together – hard-earned knowledge that our team members have gained through years of games industry experience.

  • The ships of The Mandate are modular designs, allowing us - and you - to manually mix and match various parts, or to randomly generate any number of designs for the game world.
  • One of the themes of The Mandate is that ships are home to many of the world’s inhabitants. Space stations and ships will be our cities. They are naturally much smaller than lunar structures – however, there will be many of them.
  • Whilst much of space in The Mandate is hand crafted, there are also procedurally generated areas to keep things fresh and offer replayability and interesting battle options in multiplayer. This allows us to offload some of the work to a complex world building algorithm.
  • Most importantly, we have experience building massive worlds. Many of our team hail from some of the most successful MMO projects ever created.
  • We’re careful – using several middlewares to streamline development and reduce risk, increase efficiency, and most importantly, avoid wasting time. Unity3D is a great tool for this.

Creating a new RPG world isn’t easy, what have you done differently?

The biggest mistake a storyteller can make in gaming is to believe they are writing the future. The future is up to you: the gamers. Because of this, we’ve taken the time to do a lot of research into building a believable past. We believe the story to be so important to The Mandate, that we’ve written 1500 years of history based on Tsarist Russian lore and history. What if the Tsars ruled space?

The Mandate is part alternative-history, part fantasy. You’ll be writing the future in The Mandate, it’s simply our job to provide you with the context. Throughout our kickstarter period, you’ll be introduced to our characters, how they’re designed, their names, and their pasts. Even you, the player, will be able to choose your path from families dating back to the Tsarist period. The world of The Mandate did not happen spontaneously – there are reasons for the way that it is, and throughout this campaign and the games launch day, you’ll enjoy exposition and story updates offering insight into our rich new world.

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