Game at a glance

Explore a world of culture, with 1500 years of lore, ruled by the Tsars. Survive a world of pirates, mercenaries & faction forces with their own agendas. Make enemies, or appease more powerful factions. The world reacts to your choices, and you must live with the consequences.
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Your ship

In The Mandate ships come in all shapes and sizes. There are both civilian and military ship designs. Ship construction has been standardized across most worlds to ensure interoperability, simplify maintenance and reduce construction cost. However - individual factions and Houses still maintain unique designs, both as a source of pride and ambition or in the case of many pirate groups - necessity.
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Your crew

The Mandate isn’t about being a ship in space. We have worked hard to create a dynamic chain of command flowing through both metal and flesh, ultimately giving you in-depth strategy, and exciting role-play mechanics with events inspired by the themes of science fiction TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek.
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