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Post subject: Forum Rules
  • The Mandate Community Forums are currently limited to backers.

These forums are a place of sanctum, a casual place for technical and friendly discussion. You will have disagreements. We expect you to handle them in an adult way. 


Please note that if you violate any of our rules below, in extreme cases we reserve the right to disable the ability for you to post within this community. 

You're free to talk openly and candidly about the game and everything that pertains to it, but do so politely, kindly, and cogently. 


Rules in a nutshell:

  • Do not post vulgarity within this community.

Vulgarity gets no one anywhere fast, there are better ways to get your point accross then to result in a slinging match. Do not do it.

  • Do not attack others within this community.

We are all here from a common trait, and that is passion for The Mandate game, treat others with as much respect as you would want yourself.

  • Do not create threads, posts or topic titles which use all-caps

This serves no one other then to annoy, there are ways to get your point across in meaningful debate rather then posting in attention-grabbing caps.

  • Do not post unwanted topics

Such unwanted topics can contain themes which are obscene, sexist, racist, personal defamation, harassing others, encouraging illegal activity, spamming and advertising.

  • Do not post off topic, do not hijack threads and do not spam post

Show respect by staying on topic when replying to other backers. The cantina is the place where you can ramble.

  • Hate Speech and Direct Attacks towards members of Staff, Volunteers or Community Members.

Your posting rights will be removed indefinitely if you are hurtful towards others.

  • Please use common sense, and always keep the bubble wrap handy.

Yes, Bubble Wrap exists in space.

The Forum Moderation Team does reserve the right to lock and/or remove problematic users if these rules are violated. Posts that do not contribute to this end are subject to removal per the judgment of forum staff.

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