Family background: St.Clair, Radu, Demole
Colony Ship: The Europa
Capital World: Starfall
Quote: Strive for utopia, and the rest will follow.
Art inspiration: Age of Reason and fin de siècle Paris

Brief Overview: Blessed with the highest technology and — in their eyes — the highest cultural and social achievements within the Mandate, the Europans try to build a perfect society as an example for the rest of humanity. They eschew violence and direct confrontation, preferring to work through intermediaries to find compromise.

History: The original fleet of colony ships that fled the dying Earth did not all leave simultaneously. They launched over the course of more than fifty years, and the Europa was among the last to depart, leaving from one of the moons of Jupiter. Her crew had the benefit of fifty years of technological progress, but also saw fifty more years of Earth sliding into chaos and violence.

The colonists built a shining new home on the planet called Starfall. When they were contacted by the Romanovs, they eagerly joined the community of worlds linked by the Gates. Europan technology won them prestige and influence; Europan diplomacy used that influence as a means to ensure peace. The Europans chose to support the Romanovs during the War of Unification, and so secured their place at the left hand of the throne in the Mandate.

The Europan worlds have never been seriously threatened; they have never known war or famine. Their civilization is a shining beacon — or an ivory tower, an impossible hothouse orchid that cannot possibly survive in the wild.

Politics: The Europans are ruled by a deliberative council whose members are selected by a complex computer algorithm. In theory, this algorithm ensures that the council is always staffed by the wisest and brightest Europa has to offer. Europan foreign policy, though, remains the same no matter the composition of this ruling council.

The Europans try to be everyone’s friend, to avoid confrontation whenever possible. They are closely allied with the Romanovs. The Romanovs and Black Eagles may speak about their special relationship, but it's the Europans who have all the influence at court and in the Mandate’s bureaucracy. Romanov Imperators marry Europan nobles; Romanov courtiers relax on Europan pleasure-planets; Romanov scientists study at Europan universities — and Romanov money pays for the continuation of the Europan dream. However, they are also close to the Arkwrights and pretend to welcome the Osmani, and Europan philosophers and politicians even speak about the validity of the Rebel’s demands.

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