Welcome to the new site!

When we haven't been working directly on The Mandate, we've been busy getting our new site up and running. Welcome - we hope you enjoy your stay!

For now - manual user registration for the site has been disabled and only backers of the project can comment on articles, access the community chat (where we plan on doing devchats with the community) and forumsIf you missed us on kickstarter and want to support us, you can do so through our Become a backer page.

What is The Mandate?

The Mandate is a sci-fi sandbox RPG (having similarities with Pirates! and Mount and Blade), allowing you to travel the galaxy through a series of jump-gates, opening doors to new systems. The Mandate features ship battles, boarding combat, exploration and more.

We want to create a complete sci-fi RPG experience. We want to explore the war-torn depths of space, engage in political intrigue, lead troops on the deck of a ship, command a fleet from the bridge, and sate our thirsts for glory – and we want you to join us.

These are still early days yet - The Mandate is currently in preproduction and we hope to bring you news about the game as it's being made. We have a dedicated crew working on both the game and the site and we will make new articles available as soon as we can.

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