Family background: Raglan, Arkwright, Mountjoy
Colony Ship: The Great Ark
Capital World: Victoria
Quote: Though all the worlds might conspire against us, still we shall overcome.
Art inspiration: Victorian/steampunky vibe

Brief Overview: The Arkwrights are the wealthiest and most powerful of the constituent powers of the Mandate. Their industrial base is unmatched, and they are rapaciously hungry for territory and resources. The Achilles Heel of the Arkwrights has always been ambition. Time and again, they overreach and are punished for it.

History: The Arkwright colony on Victoria thrived, but they never discovered the secret of Gate technology. After contact with the Romanovs, though, they took to Gate exploration with a vengeance, expanding more than any other power. Arkwright trade dominated known space for decades until the Romanovs seized control of the Gate network in the brutal and unjustified War of Unification. Defeated and surrounded, the Arkwrights had no choice but to join the Mandate and endure the restrictions placed on them by their Romanov rivals.

The Romanovs finally permitted limited expansion into the fringe, and the Arkwrights again led the way in founding new colonies and seeking out new sources of wealth. Again, they were betrayed, as seditionists and conspirators on these new colonies rebelled. If the Romanov-controlled Mandate had acted promptly the Rebellion could have been stamped out before it really began, but the old Imperator was weak and slow, and his negligence allowed the Rebellion to grow until it now threatens all known space. It is time for new leaders to take charge.

Politics: Wealth and success count in Arkwright politics far more than family name or reputation. While there are a few well-established Arkwright dynasties, the scions of every generation must prove themselves worthy of the family fortune. Arkwright society rewards ambition, daring, and pride.

With so much invested in the fringe worlds, the Arkwrights lost heavily when the Rebellion began. At the same time, with the fury of the Rebellion aimed at the Romanovs, the Arkwrights are now better placed than ever before to wrest control of the Mandate.

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