About us

Design philosophy

Strategy games of the past have done a great job at involving an immersing players with complex and rewarding mechanics. Although time always seems to fly by, a great strategy game ensures that your brain is always active, and you’re rewarded for your efforts. In this day and age of gaming, whilst time still flies by, it’s not so true that players feel a sense of reward. At Perihelion Interactive, we want to draw upon strategy classics to truly rekindle that sensation; the feeling that 18 hours of Civilization 2 was a day well spent, rather than simply a day spent quickly, as in some modern iterations of past franchises.

We don’t want to test your time – we want to test your skill. Our games are designed with skill-based progression in mind. Talent trees and upgrade mechanics should be interesting, and design upgrades iterative. We don’t want you to spend all day searching for the ‘end turn’ button, we want you engaging with the game mechanics all in real-time, building up an empire and developing a game-plan.

Value for money will always be a key element in our game design. Although we live in a world where 4-10 hours of a games campaign is considered the norm, we’re aiming to deliver 40+ hours of quality, feature packed game-play without fluff or filler, just like the old days. With procedural technology and crowd-funding, it’s now possible to bring the old-school back.

The company name, Perihelion Interactive, and its logo, represent the idea that as game innovators, we’re “standing on the shoulders of giants”, building upon the greats that came before us. Perihelion, our company, eclipses the legendary games before it, hoping to iterate and modernize, bringing the same design philosophies to a modern audience.

Caught in the gravitational pull of past successes, Perihelion touches on the style and dynamic of games from the golden age at each pass.

As we stand on the shoulders of giants, we’re searching out into today’s gaming climate, seeking to reestablish the value, strategic depth, and excitement of the games we know and love from yonder year.


With both iterative and entirely unique mechanics and concepts, we’ve been inspired by franchises such as X Com for our upgrading system, Fallout for scavenging and survival, Battlestar Galactica for the sense of home and community, crewmanship, Star Trek Online and Klingon Academy for space battles, and Jagged Alliance or Men of War for RTS style boarding operations. We’re taking the best of what was, and reinstating the old-school – and we’re confident we’re doing it right.

Player choice

We write the history, you write the future. We strive to create unique and historically relevant stories for each of our games, ensuring thousands of years of history is covered before your role begins. A sandbox environment doesn’t need to lack any lore or context, so we go the extra mile in creating vibrant and unique universes for you to explore.

Cause and effect

In life, every action has a consequence. Many games take this theory two dimensionally; there’s good and evil, right and wrong, black and white. We create a gameplay dynamic that allows for an endless chain of consequence caused by player actions. We want every gamer to have a unique experience – one that doesn’t rely simply on scripting.

Visuals that complement gameplay

We’re all about bringing the old-school back, but with modern technology and upgrades in procedural methods we’re able to take the correlation between what’s seen, and what’s happening, that little step further. An explosion should visibly affect objects around it, and space dust and debris should slowly layer atop your ship.

Cooperative experiences that matter

All too many games offer cooperative experiences as a tacked-on extra, but we want to make games where cooperation pays. Whether it’s fighting strategically with multiple different classes, or banding together to tackle and entire game, our coop games are designed for coop play, and teamwork will be rewarded. Coop shouldn’t simply make things easier – it should makes things more interesting.

Heft value

There was a time where a game was a worthy 40 hour investment. Not 40 hours of side-quests, fluff, challenges and filler – but 40 hours of unique, top notch, relevant content. We want to make sure all our content matters, and we want a lot of it. With crafting, survival, exploration, questing and research elements in our games, we strive to offer a dynamic of depth that allows you to forge your own experience.

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